September 29, 2008


Not much to say here. Not much fun. Wet sanded with 240 grit, then 400 grit and finally 600 grit. Although after sanding away that shininess, it was cool to see it come back once I started polishing it with the compound.

The only thing I might of done differently is wearing gloves while hand sanding. I didn't wear them sanding the gloss because I wasn't concerned with the glass ichies. But I ended up sanding some of the skin off my finger tips.


Anonymous said...

Did you polish the bottom?
If so, you may want to read Liddles take on it, he leaves then at 360 to 400, says its faster, it is!

BoardSide said...

Yah, i did polish the bottom. Since this was the first board I was doing, I figured that I would try all the steps and make it a nice shiny board. I'll try Liddles recommendations later to see what kind of speed effects i'll get out of it. Wonder how much of a difference you would feel? Anyway, thanks for the comment.

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