September 29, 2008

The Icing on the Cake

Sanding is all done and now goes on the gloss.

Here is the Gloss Mix:

Gloss Resin: 24oz
Catalyst: 15cc
SA: None
Pigment: None
Env Temp: 73 F

It kicked about in about 15 minutes. It looks like candy right now - shiny and all. Hopefully it will stay like that when I polish it.


Anonymous said...

So do you laminate, then hot coat, then add pigment coat, the add a final gloss hot coat?

BoardSide said...

There are three steps

1. Laminate
2. Hotcoat
3. Gloss Coat

You can add pigment in each of these steps. Usually on the Laminate. But you can do it on the Hotcoat too. Gloss coat is usually done without pigment as the all the pigment should have been already done. But you can.

Anonymous said...


But with the Hotcoat, cant you use gloss resin and thats your final coat or is it best to do a hot coat to seal, then finish with a gloss coat. Just wondering, cause adding another coat (gloss) doesnt it make your board a little heavier?

BoardSide said...

If you want to reduce weight, just do the hot coat and not the gloss. The gloss is optional, but if you want a good shine when buffing, do the gloss. You can get a shine on the hotcoat too, but not as good.

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