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October 14, 2009

Mini Bob Simmons Fins

So with the fins all shaped, now ready to start glassing it. These fins were for the ShortSider board, but it's now going on the Simmons board. This was placed on hold for a while as I was trying to finish up the Blunt Nose Longboard. But here we go. Hope this turns out. Never done this before.

Top side all done. I took the fiberglass fin rope and drenched it in resin, then wrapped it around the fins.  Then took some 8oz cloth that I pre-cut and placed that over it. Resined that into place. I did notice that after I was done, that there were some bubbles in the fin rope. Oh well. I think I should of spent more time working the resin into the strands of the rope.   

After the top was hard, I pealed them up and glassed the underside. I put quite a bit of catalyst in the resin to make it kick pretty hot. Didn't want to wait too long.  I forgot to mention that I used wax paper under the fins. This made it really easy to peal up.  So with them all glassed, I need to sand and cut the bottoms to get the height I want for the fins. 

November 09, 2008

ShortSider: Stubby Surfboard Fins

This is the ShortSider surfboard fin I just traced out and cut with a jigsaw. I purchased the wood over at Michaels. Cost about $9.00 for a 12 x 12" plywood.

Here are the fins all shaped and ready for glassing. It's been foiled on one side for each fin, the oposite side is completely flat. This will provide the suction I need going down the line.

It will be cut down to size once the glassing is done. It is currently a little tall, but needed the extra height to clamp down when sanding down the fins. Shaping these weren't as bad as I thought it would be. It only took me about a total of 30 minutes from tracing to shaping these fins.