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January 19, 2009

Lamination Complete

A definite experience laminating four different colors. I felt very rushed and actually barely had enough resin mixed up for each color. I initially had each color in a plastic disposable party cup, but didn't realize, by the time I got to the last color, the cup started to melt and the bottom of the cup busted. You could imagine the mess I had on my hands.

November 14, 2008

Surfboard Glassing Guide

Here is a surfboard glassing guide/schedule that I put together. I wanted a chart that would help me figure out the amount of catalyst to put into the resin - based off of the outside temperature and fall within the time frame I wanted before it kicks. It's kind of been a guess work for me, so I am hoping this will help out.

This guide is broken down in three sections - Lamination, Hotcoat and Gloss. The measurements are in CCs instead of drops or percentage. Also included is the amount of Surfacing Agent (Wax) to put when making the hotcoat. I modified the amount of MEKP CCs per ounce of resin to fit with the kick times I wanted. So adjust the amount of catalyst to get different kick times.

Anyway, if you guys use this guide, let me know if you how it works out for you. I haven't tested all measurements yet, so make sure you do a test batch. Depending on many factors like weather and the amount of pigment you put into the resin, the outcome will definitely vary. So... do this is at your own risk.

If you can, post your experience, comments or suggestions to make this better. Hopefully it will help out other fellow DIY surfboard builders.

Click Here to Download the Glassing Guide

September 14, 2008

Lamination Complete

Laps cut and finally ready to move on to the hotcoat. I think I should of used more pigment in the lamination resin. I only used one teaspoon and it still looks transparent. Maybe with a white haze.

Laminating the Bottom

Alright, the bottom lamination is all done. Sorry I didn't take pictures as I don't have anyone to take my action shots.

Anyways, the idiot I am.... I wasn't wearing a shirt and those wonderful resin drips that fell all over my arm, started burning! Enduring the pain until I finished, I ran over to the acetone to clean the drips off. Again, idiot.... Come to find out that acetone takes everything dissolved in it right into your bloodstream, through your skin!!! Hopefully I'll survive.

Here is what I mixed up for the resin:
Resin: 40oz
Catalyst: 10cc
Pigment: 1 teapoon (white)
Env Temp: 76 F

After laminating, it didn't seem like it was gelling like it was suppose too. Like I would really know - I have never done this before. After reading all those threads regarding the resin not kicking, I started to get a little concerned that it would never harden. But, it was doing what it was suppose too. It wouldn't be burning my arm if it wasn't. Just to be sure, I ended up bringing down a heater to elevate the temperature a bit. It probably got to about 79 degrees.