September 14, 2008

Laminating the Bottom

Alright, the bottom lamination is all done. Sorry I didn't take pictures as I don't have anyone to take my action shots.

Anyways, the idiot I am.... I wasn't wearing a shirt and those wonderful resin drips that fell all over my arm, started burning! Enduring the pain until I finished, I ran over to the acetone to clean the drips off. Again, idiot.... Come to find out that acetone takes everything dissolved in it right into your bloodstream, through your skin!!! Hopefully I'll survive.

Here is what I mixed up for the resin:
Resin: 40oz
Catalyst: 10cc
Pigment: 1 teapoon (white)
Env Temp: 76 F

After laminating, it didn't seem like it was gelling like it was suppose too. Like I would really know - I have never done this before. After reading all those threads regarding the resin not kicking, I started to get a little concerned that it would never harden. But, it was doing what it was suppose too. It wouldn't be burning my arm if it wasn't. Just to be sure, I ended up bringing down a heater to elevate the temperature a bit. It probably got to about 79 degrees.

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