September 29, 2008

The Baby is Born: Displacement Hull Surfboard

All done! Wow, quite an experience! Definitely learned a lot and found a whole new level of respect for all those shapers out there that do this for a living. Kudos to all you guys.

Ready to take it out!! I'll post some pictures as soon as I find someone to sit there and take some photos of me. Bummer it's really small here in SoCal right now.


Flying said...

Woaw man, this is outstanding ! First board and on your own ? Come on !

Could you give me more details on your template and mesures ? I'm really interested. And impatient to get your first surfing comments online.

I have added you to my links at
Hope you don't mind !


BoardSide said...

Thanks Flying for the comments. The board came out pretty good - considering, but definitely has a lot of flaws. The next one will hopefully come out better. I'll post the measurements and template info tonight.

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