February 16, 2009

Almond Surfboards!!!

The buddies over at Almond Surfboards is going to be opening up their first shop sometime in March! I have been following their blog for a while now and am just really stoked to see them reach their dreams. Not only do they make great surfboards, but their art is just beautiful. Keep up the good work Dave. We at BoardSide support you man (Of course when I say "We" it's really is just me at BoardSide). 

You can check out their website at: http://www.lifeisjustswell.com/ or their blog at http://www.lifeisjustswell.blogspot.com/


Almond Surfboards & Designs said...

thanks for the love linsen!

Felipe Siebert said...

Keep up the good work Dave!!

Anonymous said...

Those guys make the most drool-worthy surfboards...

Now if i could get my hands on one in Virginia!

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