January 28, 2009

No. 4 Surfboard Template Design

Here is a new surfboard template that I just designed called "the No.4". It's the fourth template of the growing list of surfboards I want to build. Excited to know how it's going to ride with the funky tail that I put on it. I am expecting  it very loose but controlled. With the sqwirly tail shape, it has more surface area for tighter turns and the outward curves has a venturi effect, causing suction. I may be wrong though.

If you are interested in building this board or want to see a better view of it, like always, I included the template (PDF Format)  that you can download and print up.  Click here to download the template.

If you do end up building this before I do, let me know the hurdles you came across building this and of course - how it rides! I am sure the tail going to be a little hard to wrap the rails when glassing because all the curves. 

January 19, 2009

Someone Barfed All Over Mi Shoes

Looks like a little guacamole, maybe some sour cream. Yummmmm. Or the girl from the Exorcist went to town on my shoes.

Cheap Sketcher shoes, the soles are de-laminating!!! Piss me off.

Surfboard Resin High

I thought it was me getting high from the sweet smell of resin, but I guess I just had the shakes from skipping lunch.

Hotcoating the Longboard

For some reason, the photos I took didn't come out very clear. So, this is what I managed to salvage. Next step.... Sanding. I hate sanding!

Lamination Complete

A definite experience laminating four different colors. I felt very rushed and actually barely had enough resin mixed up for each color. I initially had each color in a plastic disposable party cup, but didn't realize, by the time I got to the last color, the cup started to melt and the bottom of the cup busted. You could imagine the mess I had on my hands.

Ready to Start Glassing

Preparing the Pigment

I spent a little time a night before preparing the colors for the Blunt Nose Longboard. The colors came out slightly different than the preliminary design that I rendered, but it should look pretty good.

January 11, 2009

Designs for the Blunt Nose Longboard

Here are some designs that I put together for the Blunt Nose Longboard. Not sure which one I will go with yet. I am kinda leaning toward the third one from the left. Any input? Leave a comment.....

Shaping All Done

Shaping is finally all done with the Blunt Nose Longboard. On to glassing - well, hopefully soon.

Here are the specs:

- Length: 9'0
- Width 23 "
- Thickness: 3"
- Concave Nose
- Square Tail
- Eggy 50/50 Rails

January 10, 2009

Shaping the Longboard

With the template cut out, I am now ready to start shaping down the board. I am using the Bosch 3365 3-1/4" Planer that I picked up at Home Depot for about a $100. Not too bad. Seems to work alright. Although on the last board cutting through the skin made some gouges in the foam. Hopefully it won't happen again.

Here we go!!!

Here are the rail bands being cut.

January 09, 2009

Blunt Noserider - 9'0 Longboard

Finally found some time to start the blunt nose longboard. Especially with the waves being so small lately, I figured that I might as well get started. This is a US Blank 9'3 and will be cut down to a 9'0 longboard. It's actually going to be a present for a friend of mine, so I am hoping it will come out the way I want it to.

Drawing out the template.

January 08, 2009


Seriously don't remember taking this photo, but for some reason it was in my camera.

January 01, 2009

New Surfboard Blanks Just Arrived

Just received a couple of new blanks for X-Mas (Thanks Sis!!). Can't wait to start shaping these.