January 19, 2009

Someone Barfed All Over Mi Shoes

Looks like a little guacamole, maybe some sour cream. Yummmmm. Or the girl from the Exorcist went to town on my shoes.

Cheap Sketcher shoes, the soles are de-laminating!!! Piss me off.

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greg pearson said...

Hi from the east coast

I read this blog every week... the older posts have given me so much inspiration to get on it and build something... Your craftsmanship is unreal.

I hope you don't take offense that I've bitten your style on the two part sawhorses (genius), and now I'm looking to finally get a Simmons board going... any chance that you might be able to email me that pdf file for your template? The link just wont open for me on any computer... mac or pc...

Feel free to delete this is you'd like. Thanks for any help, and the inspiration.


Greg, Newport RI

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