January 19, 2009

Hotcoating the Longboard

For some reason, the photos I took didn't come out very clear. So, this is what I managed to salvage. Next step.... Sanding. I hate sanding!


Surfy Surfy! said...

Sand until your nose clogs and your fingers bleed!

Anonymous said...

great job! I just finished my first multicolor lam and it was not like i had hoped. first mistake I made was not putting enough pigment in the lam...it looked like a crappy tint. i didnt want to be able to see the stringer...like yours, but it didnt turn out like that. since it looked like poo, i experimented and pigmented the hotcoat. it looked ok, until I started sanding. then all the inconsistency in the color really showed through. its fun experimenting though. I really like the mini simmons idea. why did you take down the template?


BoardSide said...

Sorry to hear that you had problems with your lam job. When I first started, I couldn't figure out the amount of pigment to put in. I was surprised to find out that it needs quite a bit of pigment to get it to be dark enough. Anyways, next time try brushing on the laminate on a piece left over foam to see what the true color is going to be before you actually laminate. You'll be surprised how different it looks on foam.

As for the mini simmons, I took off the template because some guy (not mentioning the name or company) got all pissed saying that I was ripping off his design and he was the creator of the mini simmons. Even though this was hand drawn by me. I was just trying to help out board builders like yourself. But, unfortunately instead of arguing over this, I just removed it. Sorry.

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