September 22, 2008

Adding the Last Pigment Color


Anonymous said...

See how you are adding pigment on here, didnt it make a lip between your hotcoat and the black pigment you added on top? Or when you added you gloss coat did you level out?

BoardSide said...

The black pigment did give an edge. When hardened, I sanded it lightly to bring it down being careful not to sand the edge off completely. The gloss coat after that did fill in the edge slightly but still had a slight edge to it. But, by doing it this way, you'll get a strong crisp line.

Anonymous said...

love your blog. Did you add another layer of glass for the black nose or just pigment? and what grits did you sand your hot coat with?

BoardSide said...

Thanks! Yah, after I did the hot coat with white, I then masked and added the black.

Anonymous said...

hey love the blog man. hope your boards ride better than you expected. i'm in the process of building my first board and am abit scared of pigments/artwork etc. just wondering what steps you here? the black nose looks so rad. is it straight black pigment? or some kind of paint or what? haha sorry super noob. so you did lam, hot coat, then black nose, then gloss coat...? is that right?

thanks for you help kind sir. keep up the beautiful work!!


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