March 02, 2009

Mini Bob Simmons Project

I just started the Mini Bob Simmon board. I was originally going to do the ShortSider, but went with the Simmons instead. So here is the beginnings of it. Hopefully it will come out the way I want it to :-) You can see more photos and the progress at "thtp://".  


retro shaper said...

Hey, I have just finished one a few weeks a go at 6'6", a casper mini inspired thing, love it and I am now building a 7'4".
I went stringerless with the first and plan on doing the same with the longer cruiser.
See ya.

BoardSide said...

Sweet!!! Stringerless is awesome. Must of been difficult to shape. No reference points...How does it ride?

Post your pics on the Forum:

retro shaper said...

It surfed very well, fast, loose and skate-y! I sold it and built a 6'10", about the same but will dig a rail in smaller stuff. Just as fast but more suited to shoulder high and up.

Anonymous said...

just picked up a joe bauguess mini-sims at 5'3" and was wondering about the fins. i surf a christenson fish and these fins are different. not as deep and more in the base. is this typical of simmons' boards or bauguess' take on his design? just curious. appreciate the feedback if you know.


burn1nat0r said...

So I notice the hint of foam dust at the base of your stand and was wondering if you do all of your shaping in that garage? If so, how do you keep it so clean? My girlfriend would love me to figure out how to keep our garage that clean, haha! But seriously... how?

BoardSide said...

Yah, everything was shaped and glassed in the garage. My garage at the time was pretty empty so, cleaning was easier. But you do get the stuff everywhere. I always make sure my wife is out of town when I shape. Shop Vac and a broom is all I used to clean up the foam dust.

As for glassing, make sure you put several layers of plastic and paper down on the floor. Stuff get's really sticky and I always end up tearing up the layers because of the resin sticking to my shoes and the masking just tears.

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