November 03, 2008

9'8 Bing Noserider (Longboard) For Sale (SOLD)

Close to the original Bing Nose Ride, this is a modified NR-2 model with a pintail and a lighter weight. Ideal for small to head high waves in any type of wave. Has the 1966 Bing logo wrapped around the board. Pretty unique. Shaped by Matt Calvani.

Great noserider! Just running out of room for all my boards. This is a used board. Has been used about 4 times and has a small ding on the left side of the nose. Awesome condition. Originally paid over $1100 for it. Caramel color with red and brown spash.

Price: $650 USD (SOLD)

Length: 9'8
Width: 23"
Nose 18"
Tail: 15.5"

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Sorry guys, the board has been sold. Thanks Will for the purchase. Hope you enjoy it.

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Jonh cilious said...

I have been wrapping my head around this whole concept of board size relative to surfer's size but I see now that in fact, it is actually a matter of surfer's ability. Only because the new surfer must balance and stand while uphauling (a lot!)is it necessary to have a large floaty board. Later, once water starts are the order of the day, and great rail control (thus eliminating the need for a daggerboard) is attained, then size is almost irrelevant, right?

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