September 14, 2008

The Shaping/Glassing Stand

Forgot to take pictures while I was building the stand for my shaping and glassing, but I made the stand so I can interchange between shaping and glassing. The top part comes on and off and is held down with a bolt. I also made the cross beam removable so I can change it out with a longer beam for longboards. Seems to work pretty well. Doesn't wobble.

Here is the stand with the glassing attachment. It's narrower than the shaping attachment so it won't get in the way when doing the laps. And is taller so I don't have to strain my back. Getting older and older, it's just not as easy anymore :(

I placed tape on the top, sticky side up so the board doesn't move around while I am glassing. There is that left over Oracle kneepad again.


Bryce Hayes said...

Im just about to start shaping myself, first off is making the racks. I was wondering if you had some plans you could post or even some dimensions?

Bryce Hayes said...

Hello, I am just about to start shaping myself. first up is making the racks, I was wondering if you had some plans or dimensions to help out?

cooper said...

how much

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