September 07, 2008

Shaping the Board

Skinned it with the Bosch 3365 and seemed to work. Although you can't really tell by the mess, the Bosch 3365 had a little bag attachment for the shavings and seemed to keep it a little more contained in my work area.

The single blade on the planer seemed to take chunks out of the board while skinning. Not sure if this is typical, but I am assuming not. Having only one blade instead of two made pretty rough cuts on the blank. But once I got pass the hard skin, it was as smooth as a babies butt.

Glad I went with the Bosch 3365. It was cheap and seems to do the job. Made a few modifications to it... I epoxied the foot's 45 degree grooves, removed the set down rest contraption and filed the notches on the knob to make the depth cuts smoother to turn.

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