September 15, 2008


All in all the kick times seemed alright. Freaked out a little bit at first only because I didn't know what to expect. I would kick it slower next time as the lam job started to gel a little and would of like to work the lap tucks better. It started to gel in less than 10 minutes. After I was done with what I needed to do, I used a heater to cure the lam and hotcoat faster.

The kick time for the hotcoat was fine. Just noting that it had 3 teaspoons of pigment in it, the kick times would be faster if there was no pigment. After reading some threads, I think I did the lam job too thin where the glass looked dry. This is why I think I got pits and zits in the hotcoat.

I probably should have installed the fin box after the lamination, but I think I will do it before the gloss coat. Plus I am trying to spread out my spending. I still need to get a 1/4 inch router bit, a router template bushing and make myself a template.

So having said all that, now I'm ready for some sanding. Kind of dreading this part... But Jason over at gave me an awesome deal (like always) on a DeWalt 7” /9” Heavy-Duty Electronic Variable Speed Polisher! Should make things easier. I will keep you updated.

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