September 14, 2008

It's Hotcoat Time!!!

It turned out to be a lot easier than laminating. I ended up using 3 teaspoons of white pigment to get it a little more opaque. Seems to be just the right amount.

Here is the Hotcoat Mix:

Resin: 32oz
Catalyst: 25cc
SA: 10cc
Pigment: 3 teapoons
Env Temp: 76 F


Anonymous said...

my lam coat turned out like crap, will hotcoating it make it look better, and would you recommed glassing the fins on, or removable fins. Any help out there???

BoardSide said...

If the lamination didn't turn out, more than likely your hotcoat will not fix the problem. You may be able to sand some of the problems out.

As for the fins, it really is your preference. If you want to able to switch out fins or move the positioning for a different feel, go with the removables. Although glassed on fins look awesome! Your call.

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