October 24, 2008

BoardSide - ShortSider Twin Fin Stubby Surfboard

Shortsider is a twin fin stubby. Kind of inspired by the Bob Simmon style board but extremly modified. This will have a "S" deck, blunt nose and will measure about 5'5. Should be really loose and fun to ride. I figure I can make this if I screw up on my longboard.

Here is a link to the PDF version of the ShortSider with a few more color schemes.

My Next Project - 9'8 Blunt Nose Longboard

Click Here to View the File (PDF)

Once I save up enough money, I'll be starting my second board - a blunt nose longboard (Nose Rider) i just designed. Probably a 9'8 single fin square tail.

October 23, 2008

Displacement Hull Surfboard - Designs

Before I actually started shaping Displacement Hull, I layed out the design and shape I wanted for the board. It was originally going to be a pintail, but then decided to change it to a diamond tail. The link below is a PDF of the designs I did for this board.

Click Here to View (PDF)

Surfboard Shaping Stand

Here are the specs I drew up for the shaping stand I created. It cost me about $24.00 to build one of these, purchasing all the stuff from Lowes. Anyway, just wanted to share this.

Click Here to Download the PDF

October 17, 2008

Displacement Hull Specs

Got so into building the board, I forgot to measure out the final specs.

Soft 50/50 rails for easy gliding with hard edge double concave diamond tail for carving cutbacks. Wide body for ease of wave catching.

Length: 7'0
Width: 22 3/4"
Nose: 19 1/2"
Nose Rocker: 4 1/2"
Tail: 17"
Tail Rocker: 2 1/2"

October 03, 2008

The Dog's Day at the Beach

Happy Happy Happy

Happy Happy


Ready to Go Home

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